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You won't find a better selection of red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, rosé wine, dessert wine, sake and plum wine, fruit wine, and canned wine from around the world to shop online!

What are the styles of red wine?

Red grapes produce an amazing array of red wine types: from the boldest, heartiest big reds, to elegant and structured dry red wines, to sweet and simple picnic sippers. So much depends on where grapes are from and what the winemaker does with them, but the most important factor is the variety of the grape itself.

Popular types of red wine include:

What are the white wine types?

Every white wine grape variety can have a myriad of expressions, depending on where it is grown and how the winemaker chooses to style the wine. The same grape can produce either a dry white wine that’s crisp and refreshing, or a sweet white wine that's honeyed and mellow.

Popular types of white wine include:

What are the types of Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Champagne and the best sparkling wines share the unique quality of making any occasion special – and of making special occasions that much more magical. The pop of a cork has traditionally signaled the start of a celebration, after all. So pop that cork and celebrate, because our website has one of the best selections of Champagne and sparkling wine to shop online!

Types of Champagne and sparkling wine include:

Champagne and other sparkling wines vary in style and quality depending on where they are made. The greatest factor is whether the wine is, in fact, Champagne. All Champagne is sparkling wine, but only the sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France is really Champagne.

For the rest of sparkling wine, the deciding factor also depends on where it is made. When the wine is produced in the United States and Australia, is dubbed "sparkling wine"; in Spain, it’s Cava; in Italy, it’s Prosecco, Asti and other bubblies; and in France, outside the Champagne region, it’s Crémant.

What is Rosé / Blush Wine?

Light, bright and refreshing – rosé and blush wines are the ultimate warm-weather wine! From the palest pink to almost-red, rosés share a clean, fresh flavor you’ll love. Whether you’re entertaining outdoors or hosting a springtime gathering, think pink and grab the freshest rosés of the season.

Different styles of rosé have fallen in and out of popularity over the years, with sweet Portuguese rosé all the rage in the 1970s, and California white zinfandel making a sensation in the 1990s. Today’s rosés – dry, refreshing and stylish, made in some of the world’s best winemaking regions – are here to stay.

Visit our How to Rosé Guide to learn more about the different kinds of rosé wine!

What are the types of Dessert Wine?

You put careful thought into pairing wines with dinner entrees. Why stop there? With so many excellent dessert wines available, it’s easy to find a sweet wine to complement any final course. Whether you’re serving a light, fruit-based dessert, something intensely chocolaty, a savory assortment of cheeses or a simple plate of cookies, there’s a wine to go along.

Dessert wine styles include:

What are the popular wine regions in the world?

Popular wine regions include, but are not limited to:

Want to learn more about wine?

Head to our Guide to Wine to learn practically everything you’ll need to know!

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