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What is a chocolate wine?

Ahhh, if only there were a chocolate grape. But, with a winemaker's skillful blending, two loves are now matchmade in heaven – red wine and chocolate. That's Amore!

Chocolate red wine is a natural match for Valentine's Day, date nights, and anniversaries — with dessert or savored on its own. It pairs nicely with engagement parties and special holiday festivities, too.

Where does chocolate wine come from?

Chocolate wines have been catching on for a few years now. Winemakers across the country are creating a wide variety of blends they know will move the needle. Some popular chocolate wines from the Netherlands have earned high accolades as have a few from several states across the U.S. like Washington, California, and Virginia.

How is chocolate wine made?

Chocolate wines are made by infusing red or white wine with chocolate flavors. Cream or fruit extracts and powders may also be added as well as white chocolate to soften the intensity of the wines' acidity and tannins. Horton XOCO White Chocolate Port is an excellent example.

What does chocolate wine taste like?

So, how does chocolate wine taste? There's no one way to answer this question, as it is a combination of red wine and chocolate, so each winemaker has a unique take on the style.

Some winemakers turn up the volume in their dark chocolate wine creations with a full-on cacao experience. Others make the chocolate notes a welcome afterthought like ChocoVine chocolate wine. ChocoVine subtly combines fine French Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with rich chocolate and cream from Holland, paired together to create a decadent, silky smooth drink. This wine can be served on the rocks or as the main ingredient to an array of sinful cocktails.

Red Decadence from Washington State is like a liquid chocolate truffle in a bottle. It balances ruby red wine, fruit flavors, and a natural chocolate core.

You may also favor a blend that features notes of decadent chocolate covered cherries on top of a forward red wine fruitiness. Or, perhaps you'll discover how naturally, yet unexpectedly cocoa and expresso blend with wine in a ChocoVine Espresso.

Then there's Chocolate Shop; a straight-up chocolate red wine also made in Washington State. Deep, ruby-red wine blended with rich, velvety chocolate creates the dessert you drink.

And while just the words 'chocolate wine' may scream opulence, these creative blends won't break the bank, so you can still afford the flowers.

What are the popular brands of chocolate wine?

Total Wine & More carries a great selection of the most popular chocolate wines, including: