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Greek Wine is Starting to Hit Its Stride in the United States

Wine has been produced in Greece for thousands of years, but it’s only recently that its fans in the United States have had a wide range of Greek wine to choose from. These days, however, a new golden age for wines of Greece is upon us, with phenomenal producers making great wine throughout Greece and sending more and more of it to the US.

Who is the Greek god of wine?

The Greek god of wine was Dionysus…not to be confused with Bacchus, who was the Roman god of wine.

What is Greek wine called?

In the Greek language, wine is referred to as krasí. In English, there is a widely-held misunderstanding that Retsina is the Greek word for wine, but that’s not the case: Retsina wine is simply a style of Greek wine influenced by the presence of pine sap or resin. Retsina is just one type of Greek wine; Greece produces a wide range of excellent wines, the vast majority having nothing whatsoever to do with pine products.

What is a good Greek red wine?

There are many excellent Greek red wines. Among the most popular are the ones produced from the Agiorgitiko, Mavrodaphne, and Xinomavro varieties. Nemea wine, or the delicious wines of Nemea, are also worth considering.

Is Greek wine strong?

Like any other wine-producing country, Greece is home to a wide range of wines, some of which are stronger than others. But in general, Greek wines are no more powerful than the wines of any other major wine-producing nation. This is true whether you’re talking about Greek white wine or Greek red wine.

What is the name of a Greek white wine?

Assyrtiko Santorini (or white wine made on Santorini from the Assyrtiko grape variety) is perennially popular. There are also popular white wines produced from the Moschofilero grape variety. Greek dessert wine, made from both white and red grape varieties, are very popular, too.

Does Greek wine have sulfites?

Yes, sulfites are a natural byproduct of the fermentation of grapes. So unless the bottle you’re considering says that it’s sulfite-free (which means that the amount of sulfites falls below the legally defined threshold for a wine to be considered free of sulfites), it’s safe to assume that the wine does have sulfites.

What type of wine is Retsina?

Retsina is an ancient style of wine that’s influenced by the presence of pine sap or resin. For a long time, Restina was synonymous with Greek wine, and many still assume that all Greek wine tastes like Retsina, but that is not the case. Retsina is just one style of wine within a sea of more familiar wine that Greece produces.

What does Retsina wine taste like?

The flavor of Retsina wine varies greatly depending upon what grape variety has been used as its base. In general, however, the best Retsinas have flavors of autumn orchard fruit, flowers, and citrus zest. They can be very food-friendly and are also excellent on their own. Today more than ever, well-crafted Retsinas are being imported into the United States.

What is Greek sparkling wine called?

Greek sparkling wine is called Greek sparkling wine! Unlike France, which has Champagne and Crémant, or Spain, which has Cava, or Italy, which has Prosecco, Franciacorta, and more, Greece is home to many wine regions in which sparkling wines are produced, and from a range of grape varieties. If you’re looking for Greek sparkling wine, all you have to do is ask for it that way.

What food pairs with Greek wine?

Given the range of styles of Greek wine and the wide variety of grapes that successfully grow throughout the country, Greek wine has the potential to pair with almost everything you can imagine. All you have to do is apply the same theories for pairing it with particular dishes as you would for any other country’s wines: Consider its weight, texture, aroma, flavor, alcohol content, and more. Or, don’t worry about it and pop the cork from whatever Greek wine you happen to pick up at Total Wine: Chances are, it’ll frame your food brilliantly.

What are popular brands of Greek wine?

There are many popular Greek wines, including GWC Wine,Hermes Wine, Kotrotsos Wine,Sigalas Wine, Dionysos Wine, and Amethystos, among them many others.

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