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Guide to Wine

At Total Wine & More, we’re passionate about wine, and know many of our customers feel the same way. So we wrote the Guide to Wine to share our knowledge about the more than 8,000 wines we sell.

This online wine guide – like its print cousin, which is yours free at any Total Wine & More store – shows you the world of wine we know: producing regions, from the world-famous to our latest discovery; wine styles, including red, white, sparkling and more; and the winemakers themselves, whether they’re young innovators, or the latest caretakers of a historic family winery. This is ground Total Wine & More covers every day, sometimes literally, as our experts travel the world to find delicious and interesting wines for you to enjoy.

We love the romance of wine, how the best ones can evoke a time and place and make any moment special. But we also crave specific information: about the science of winemaking, say, or how weather and terrain affects a wine’s body and flavor, or the occasionally arcane rules of appellations.

If you’re the same way – or even if you’d just like to know a little more about the bottle you picked up in our store this evening – the Guide to Wine is for you.

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