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Aging & Cellaring

The concept of aging and cellaring wine is quite simple on the surface: It is the way to enjoy wine as close to its peak as possible. The trick is figuring out when that “perfect” time is.

Or is it?

Expert wine critic Robert J. Parker writes that there really is no “perfect” time to consume wine. In his book Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide, he states flatly: “The majority of wines made in the world taste best when they are just released or consumed within one to two years of the vintage.” Master of Wine Jancis Robinson agrees. “Most wine made today should be drunk as young as possible, while its youthful fruit can be enjoyed."

Still, some wines can improve and bring forth better flavors with age, whether it is after five or 15 years. The keys are determining which wines are most suitable for age, creating the right environment to get the best results and then ensuring you actually drink it at some point.

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