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The German white grape Müller-Thurgau was created by Dr. Herman Müller, from the Swiss canton of Thurgau, who crossed Riesling and Sylvaner grapes to create this variety in 1882. In Germany, where it is now second only to Riesling in the number of acres planted, Müller-Thurgau makes inexpensive, off-dry Liebfraumilch wines, as well as more complex, refreshing white wines from the Mosel region.

In Italy, Müller-Thurgau is used to make dry wines with mineral notes in the Alto Adige and Friuli regions. Müller-Thurgau is also grown in Austria, New Zealand and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.


[MEW-luhr TOOR-gow]

Recommended food pairings

Green vegetables, salads, risotto, pastas with cream-based sauces and spicy Asian cuisine

Serving temperature


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